Why the San Diego Chargers are the most dangerous team

It was chaos Sunday, though many Patriot fans didn't care. 5 of the 8 AFC match-ups involved a team either making or missing a playoff spot, or at least had implications. That being said, Dolphin fans could breathe a bit easy, Ravens needed some help, San Diego really could have used some help, and the Steelers needed the miracles that were used up in Auburn twice this past college football season to make the playoffs.

Well at one point, the Steelers high odds looked good, but at the end of the day, the Chargers clinched the final spot. And now they're my most dangerous team and here is why.

1. Aside from the 49ers, no team has a longer current winning streak than the San Diego Chargers.

2. While San Diego has lost seven games, no games aside from the Raiders one at Oakland were lost by more than seven points. This is including last second losses to Washington, Tennessee, and Miami.

3. The running game is getting stronger and stronger. This will take some pressure off of Rivers who had a good year and aside from Denver's offense, quite possibly the Chargers have the best offense among all the AFC playoff teams with this newly found rushing attack.

So are the Chargers the most dangerous team in the Wildcard weekend? Please leave a comment or a reply on Twitter with your thoughts!