Aqib Talib clears up the Marquice Cole controversy plus more from Belichick and Mankins

Former Patriot Marquice Cole signed with the Broncos yesterday. This led to sort of a mini-controversy in Patriot land.

Cole can maybe give the Broncos some inside info, more so than Deion Branch when he signed with the Colts last week. The former Pats corner knows his teammates tendencies a little bit better and can also give some info on nagging injuries.

So, are there hard feelings in the locker room? Let's ask Talib.

No? Ok. Moving on.

Logan Mankins also talked to the media today.

Thanks Logan.

Also he is a man that respects a good blocking tight end.


We also heard from the talkative Bill Belichick today.

What meme? This meme!

Bill also went on to talk about the Patriots playing on the road in the AFC Championship game. He really really seemed to care about that.

That's all folks!