Oh, Aqib Talib.

You know just all of the right things to say to Patriots fans, don't you?

Jeff Howe, Boston Herald:
“I’ve been in the NFL since ’08,” Talib said. “But I’ve really been in the NFL since November of 2012.”

Talib, you're too kind!

“When you grow up and you want to be in the NFL, this is what you think of,” Talib said. “You think of this time right here on this team right here.”

Stop it! We're collectively blushing!

“It’s totally different here,” Talib said. “It’s big games after big games. It’s Monday nights after Sunday nights, playoffs. Tom Brady is walking around here. There are countless people and media in the locker room. This is the NFL right here.”

My goodness. Ta-lib!. Our egos...they're so much bigger now!

Anyway, aside from Aqib Talib saying all of the things that Patriots fans salivate over because they love all of the reinforcement of the "Patriot Way", he's also pretty excited for this week's game.

It's a far cry from Tampa Bay, whom Talib was traded from last year. With Tampa, Talib never saw the playoffs. With the Pats, he's been to two straight AFC Championship games. He was dominate in the last one, until he was injured and had to leave the game. Talib said that he's "close to 100" percent now after "limping around" in the last meeting with the Broncos.

He has the respect of his teammates, too. Dont'a Hightower told the Herald that Talib is the kind of guy you need in a locker room.

It's a contract year for Talib, but he's not thinking about it. He's just thinking about tomorrow's game.

“I love it,” Talib said. “Games like this, you want to be at your best.”

Michael Saver 1/18/2014 12:40:00 PM Edit

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