Colts OC Pep Hamilton makes a Spygate jab

In an interview with Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star, Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton took the time to make a quick jab at the Patriots and the Spygate incident. Remember, that thing that happened 7 years ago that people can not stop bringing up?
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Hamilton was a Jets assistant from 2003 to 2005, so I guess that's his qualification for talking about the Patriots:
“I do know for a fact that it was always a 60-minute chess match. It was ever-changing looks and disguises and they always tend to find ways to figure out some of your signals.”

Hamilton of course quickly went on to praise Bill and his coaching style:
“It’s truly an honor to have an opportunity to field a team and compete against the likes of Coach Belichick who will go down as one of the greatest coaches in the history of the National Football League."


Why is it that everytime the Patriots are in a position to succeed, someone brings up Spygate. I understand the Patriots cheated. I get that. But that was seven years ago. SEVEN YEARS AGO! And it's not like the Pats have suddenly fallen off since then. They're still the most dominate team in all football.

Plus then the person will always follow it up by praising Bill and the Patriots. If you are going to bring up Spygate, have the balls to then stand behind what you're saying. Don't be like: "Oh the Patriots cheated! But I love Bill, he's the best coach there is. I have nothing but respect for the Patriots and their organization." Obviously you don't or else you wouldn't be acting like a child and bringing up Spygate every frickin' year.

Either bring up Spygate and hate the Patriots for doing it, or praise Bill for the coaching job he has done over the years in creating one of the best dynasties in NFL history. Needless to say, there is now more fuel in the fire going into Saturday night's game. And I for one am just going to laugh at the Colts as they fall apart when they face an opponent who knows what they are actually doing.

- Pete Rogers