Hulk Hogan declares his allegiance to the Patriots

So, I don't know what prompted this, but Hulk Hogan posted a video on Facebook announcing to the world that he is a Patriots fan. He even mentioned Matthew Mulligan by name!
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Not sure where the connection lies between him and the Patriots, but it seems like the Patriots have his title belt in the lockerroom?
"With the world title belt around your waist or hanging in the locker room with the Patriots, you guys got a piece of Hulk Hogan there, Jack. Right in New England, you've got a piece of Hulk Hogan. And what that means, brother, is if you get tired, if [Tom] Brady gets tired, or if anybody's knees wobble, their back cracks or their liver quivers, brother, you can take one of the largest arms in the world, Hulk Hogan's arm, you can strap it to your hips and can score as many touchdowns as you want, brother."

Needless to say, having Hulk Hogan as our backup quarterback is very encouraging. Even if Brady goes down, our Super Bowl dreams will still live on by the arm of Hogan.

Add this to the list of reasons why people hate the Patriots. We've got Hulk on our side.

- Pete Rogers