Jets love Manning more than Brady....... surprise?

courtesy Joshua Powers

No surprise what so ever to be quite honest. ESPN set up a survey of 320 players across the NFL (ten from each team). They asked them who they respected the most.

Manning won easily, gaining three times the vote of Brady and Vikings Adrian Peterson. But we're the most interested in the Jets statistic. Three players voted for Peyton Manning, Two for Larry Fitzgerald, and five for Adrian Peterson.

Next question, If you had to start a team with one player, who would you chose? Peyton Manning won that one as well. As for Jets players? Well it is best summed up in this quote from ESPN New York.

Manning received tremendous support from the Jets' locker room, winning the votes of nine players. Brady garnered one vote, and that tells you everything you need to know about the Jets-Patriots rivalry and the perception of Brady within the Jets' organization. As I polled the players, it didn't take long to realize their respect for Manning is second to none. Most of the Manning votes were quick and emphatic.

The Jets have engaged in several heated run-ins with Brady over the years, which probably explains their feelings toward him. Frankly, they don't love his on-field demeanor, which Antonio Cromartie famously articulated during an expletive-laced rant about Brady to a reporter in 2010.

Surprised? Nah I'm not either. To be honest, if the Jets players voted the other way then I would be shocked. You can view the articles by clicking on this link in the tweet below

- Joshua Powers