It's playoff time, which means it's also time for the rest of the Patriots hating nation to start getting nervous.

You see, everyone who hates the Patriots wants to make excuses for why their teams lose to them all the time. Back in 2007, they were given that excuse.

Of course, most who shout "cheaters!" at the Patriots from the stands, really have no idea what spygate was actually about. Some think the Patriots were actually filming opposing team practices. No. Spygate was more of a logistical thing, it was about trying to figure out an opposing team's signals. As former Steelers coach Bill Cowher pointed out, it was part of the game and something everyone was doing. And really, a largely irrelevant part of it.

So, what was the Patriots crime? They had a camera in the wrong spot, were asked to stop, and they didn't.

It's hard to make the argument that camera placement actually had a massive impact on the game, if any at all. Still, opposing fans will throw out the word "cheaters"! You'll hear it more and more the further into the playoffs the Patriots get.

The one thing those fans can cling onto is that "The Patriots haven't won a Super Bowl since spygate", as if a 16-0 season, four AFC Championships, two Super Bowl appearances, and being the one or two seed six times didn't prove that the Pats didn't need some minor logistics to be good. Still, they will cling to that until they win another, and the closer they get, the more nervous those haters get, and the more you hear that cheater mantra.

This week, you've probably been hearing it a lot from Broncos fans. Ah, Broncos fans.

Let's not forget, they are guilty of cheating, and it is most certainly how they won their two Super Bowls.

CBS Boston Sports:
After winning Super Bowls in 1997 and 1998, the Broncos were found just a few years later to have circumvented the league’s salary cap to the tune of $29 million in deferred payments to John Elway and running back Terrell Davis.

They were made to forfeit a third-round draft pick and fined nearly $1 million for the infraction.

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said at the time, “While I regret that the circumstances took place, it is important to note that there was no competitive advantage gained by our organization.”

Oh yeah, remember that? Hmmm.

Jerry Thorton of Barstool Sports was on Felger and Mazz and had a little mini-rant we can also replicate when getting shit from a Broncos fan.

“They want to play the Spygate card? Ok great. You want to go back seven years for this? Fantastic. Al Davis [former Oakland Raiders owner] went to his grave saying that the Broncos stole two Super Bowls by having a salary cap violation, for which they lost $1 million in fines and a draft pick. Davis said their owner should be suspended. Their owner has two Super Bowls because they cheated, which is much worse than pointing a camera at a sideline in my opinion.”

Listen to the whole interview at the link above.

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