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It's well documented that the Patriots receiving corps was thin at best. They lost receivers to injury, arrest, and other teams and still made it to the AFC Championship, only to lose out to a loaded Denver Broncos team. And it upset ex-Patriot WR Randy Moss.

Here's what he had to say, per CSNNE:

“It’s hurtful (to watch) because (Tom Brady) needs some people,” Moss said Monday while zipping through the Media Center at the Sheraton Times Square. “Over the years (the Patriots) always made it about Tom – rightfully so because he is the great Tom Brady – but it’s 11 men. It’s a team sport. And what they’ve done with not having guys around him, man it hurts seeing Tom out there struggling, it really does.”

Moss was Brady's teammate in that record-setting year in 2007, when the Patriots went undefeated until losing out to the Giants. But he has a point here - if the Patriots want to get back to the Super Bowl, they need to get another target for Brady besides Rob Gronkowski (who will hopefully be healthy come the season opener) and Julian Edelman.

“I’m not talking about me but they do need to bring some guys in there, some younger guys maybe picking them up to be able to help Tom out,” Moss offered. “I think it’s important to get Tom some help because he wants to be on this stage, he don’t care about no regular season.

“They have done a tremendous job with what they had to overcome this year,” he said. “The players that they had to play without, all the injuries. I’ll always be a Patriots fan. I’m a big Bill and a big Tommy fan.

Moss is with most Patriots fans in saying that the Pats were impressive with limited talent. But, as I mentioned, he is right in saying that he needs another target to take some of the pressure off Gronk and Minitron.

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