In ESPN's recent "NFL Nation" poll among players, Tom Brady finally got some respect amongst his peers. ESPN asked NFL players the question, who would you want at quarterback with two minutes left and a Super Bowl on the line? 128 of the 320 chose Tom Brady.

This doesn't come as much of a surprise, with the Patriots earning two of their three Super Bowl rings because of Brady doing that very thing, setting up two clutch game winning kicks from Adam Vinatieri to win their first and second Super Bowl. Even in the 2007 game which the Patriots lost, Brady drove his team down for the go-ahead score on their second to final possession. They just left too much time on the clock for Eli Manning to drive down for their own game winning score.

Still, the selection does come as a bit of a surprise seeing as Brady was also voted the most hated quarterback amongst his peers in a recent poll. I guess the league may not like Brady, but they damn well think he's clutch.

At least most of the league does anyway. That's certainly not true for the rival New York Jets. The hated Jets voted overwhelmingly for Manning over Brady on this question, just as they did on a previous poll asking which quarterback they respect the most.

The Jets went against the grain, casting six votes for Manning, three for Brady and one for Roethlisberger. As it was explained in a previous post, the Jets simply don't like Brady, plain and simple.

Brady's had his fair share of comebacks and clutch drives against the Jets, but I think we all know it's some hate driving those results.

Michael Saver 1/29/2014 12:05:00 PM Edit

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