Peyton Manning's future could be determined by offseason exam

The future of Peyton Manning will take an interesting twist in March as he has a mandatory physical exam to determine the stability of his neck. Sources told ESPN's Chris Mortenson that Peyton's success in this year's playoffs has nothing to do with his future.
If the exam shows a stable neck, Peyton will play next season, and if it doesn't, he will have to make the difficult decision on whether to risk his physical health and continue playing or to call it a career. Although this year's results in the playoffs won't determine anything to the team, it could determine Manning's personal stance on coming back. If he wins the Super Bowl this year and fails the test in March, why not call it a career? But if he doesn't win it all and happens to fail the test, his legacy comes into question and the decision will be tougher.

This week Manning speculated on his future with some comments he made about the Bronco's game against the Chargers:
"It's going to be a great atmosphere on Sunday, playing a good football team, and there is nothing else I would rather be doing than be in that opportunity. And so that is certainly my goal to enjoy the preparation -- not just the game --to actually enjoy the preparation part of it, enjoy being around the guys. Because certainly the light is at the end of the tunnel for me -- no question. And so, I think you enjoy these things maybe even more than maybe you have in the past."
It certainly hasn't seemed like his neck has bothered him at all this season, having the best year ever for a quarterback, so I think there is a darn good chance he passes that exam. @joeloobs @PatriotsLife