Run or throw? decisions decisions......

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CSNNE has an interesting article up today. Should the Patriots rely on the run or the pass against the Broncos this Sunday? What they say might surprise you... When asked, here is what Troy Brown had to say.

"They've had so much success running the football they can use [Blount] as a decoy, Should they run the football? Of course, but should it be there primary thing? Maybe not."

I think that Blount can be used to such an advantage for the Patriots. We can use him as the decoy, which Brown states above, and run the ball. But at the same time we can use him to our passing advantage and rely on him in all aspects. Personally though, I think that we should rely more on the pass, as we try to challenge the Broncos Secondary. Especially because Harris is out with a torn ACL.

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- Joshua Powers