The Patriots have played the NFC Super Bowl team every year since 2006

Every year since the Patriots played the Bears in 2006, the Pats have faced off against the eventual NFC Champion.

The Giants in 2007, Cardinals in 2008, Saints in 2009, Packers in 2010, Giants again in 2011 and then the 49ers last year.

So, does that mean the Saints or Panthers will be in the Super Bowl this year?

It's certainly possible, as both teams are two of the strongest in that conference.

Of course, the Saints face a big test today against the Eagles on the road, where the Saints have never won a playoff game. The Panthers meanwhile certainly have the defense to get the job done, but there remain some big questions about their offense and Cam Newton in his first ever playoff game.

If the trend is to continue, who do you think is most likely to represent the NFC?

Photo via: Grant Halverson/Getty Images