We all know Tom Brady has a pretty frickin' awesome career. In fact, there is only one team in the NFL that Brady has a losing record against throughout his career. Sadly, that team is the Denver Broncos. Here is his career against the Broncos (BOLD is a playoff game):

Date: 10/28/01, Home/Away: A, Score: L 31-20

Date: 10/27/02, Home/Away: H, Score: L 24-16

Date: 11/3/03, Home/Away: A, Score: W 30-26

Date: 10/16/05 Home/Away: A, Score: L 28-20

Date: 1/14/06 , Home/Away: A, Score: L 27-13

Date: 9/24/06, Home/Away: H, Score: L 17-7

Date: 10/11/09, Home/Away: A, Score: L 20-17

Date: 12/18/11, Home/Away: A, Score: W 41-23

Date: 1/14/12 , Home/Away: H, Score: W 45-10

Date: 10/7/12, Home/Away: H, Score: W 31-21

Date: 11/24/13, Home/Away: H, Score: W 34-31

Brady's overall record against the Broncos is 5-6. Not that bad. But he is 2-4 in Denver. And he's 1-1 against the Broncos in the playoffs. If we are going purely on records, things aren't looking so good for the Pats on Sunday.

But I don't believe in stats. Unless those stats predict the Patriots winning. I'm very fickle like that. But I don't think this is something we need to worry about. While Brady doesn't have the greatest track record against the Broncos, he is undefeated (3-0) against the Manning-led Broncos. And Brady is also undefeated against Jack Del Rio so, we've got that going for us. It'll be a close game, but the Patriots are going to pull this victory out.

- Pete Rogers

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