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I think most Pats fans would agree that the team should pursue at least one high-end free agent to push them over the top next year. And that means key players restructuring contracts. We've been taking a look at other players who could be cap casualties or restructuring candidates today and the latest candidate on our list is Logan Mankins.

Logan Mankins makes $10.5 million, New England's 3rd highest cap hit, and he's under contract through 2016, according to CBS Sports. According to CBS Sports, Mankins could save $3.6 million in cap space by converting a little more than $5 million of his $6 million base salary into signing bonus money.

So why does he need to restructure? The Patriots window with Tom Brady is closing and the Pats need to go all out to win a 4th championship in the Brady/Belichick era. That means veteran players like Mankins taking pay cuts so the Patriots can go look for that one guy (or maybe 2) in free agency that will take the team to the promised land and help them win one more title in the Brady/Belichick era.

It will take a lot work from ownership convincing the veterans that winning one more championship means more than the paycheck, but if everyone gets on board, the Pats can get that high-end free agent that will push them over the top.

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Conor Frederick 1/27/2014 05:49:00 PM Edit

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