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One team had the "deer in the headlights" look and the other looked like they had been on this stage. I don't think anyone expected the Broncos to be the "deer in the headlights" team, though, with a Super Bowl winning quarterback at the helm.

Peyton Manning looked like the 2nd year quarterback, and the rest of the Broncos team wasn't much better. They made mistake after mistake, which led to Seattle seizing control very early. It started with a bad snap on the first play from scrimmage, which led to a Seattle safety. Peyton then proceeded to throw 2 interceptions, one of them a pick 6. There were 4 turnovers in all by Denver as opposed to 0 for the Seattle Seahawks offense. That was the difference in the game - execution. Simple as that. Denver failed to execute on all sides of the ball - whether it was offense and the 4 turnovers, defense which couldn't force a turnover or tackle when it mattered, or special teams giving up a kick return touchdown on the first play of the 2nd half.

Peyton Manning was especially disappointing - he threw for 280 yards and 2 interceptions and couldn't keep his team in the game. Manning has built his reputation as a "big-game performer" - and I use quotes because the "real" Manning was nowhere to be found and he was off his game tonight. Whatever the reason, the Broncos were not the Broncos of the regular season and were repeatedly making mistakes. In the end, that's what cost the Broncos a chance at the Super Bowl.

Congratulations, Seattle.

Conor Frederick 2/02/2014 10:27:00 PM Edit

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