Last night some rumors hit the twitter verse that now former Browns General Manager, Michael Lombardi, could be coming to the Patriots.

Chris Fedor and Daryl Ruiter are both of the 92.3 THE FAN radio station in Cleveland. While, Mike Loyko writes for NEPatriotsDraft.com.

No other sources have really come out with this news, but it is interesting nonetheless. Lombardi has obvious ties with Belichick from their days in Cleveland together. Certainly, Lombardi would not want to go back to working in the media after doing that for five long years without an NFL gig.

Loyko reports that Lombardi will take Personnel Executive position. In his weekly ESPN Chat, Mike Reiss suggested that if Lombardi comes aboard he could take on a consultant position.

I could see Lombardi in more of a consultant role. I was always impressed with his analysis at NFL Network and he was clearly dialed in to the Patriots and the way they view personnel. I don't all of a sudden see him sitting in the smaller-than-the-norm draft room. This is a tight circle and I don't envision BB messing with that.

Seeing as Belichick may have inadvertently had a role in Lombardi's firing, it's the least he could do.


Michael Saver 2/13/2014 02:22:00 PM Edit

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