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Welp, just like how Rondo trade talks will never die for the Celtics (though hopefully with the trade deadline just passing people will finally shut up), Ryan Mallett trade talks will never die for the Patriots.

The Patriots drafted Mallett back in 2011 as possibly the successor to the GOAT, but with Brady signed on through 2017 and Mallett on his last year of his rookie contract, my guess is the Pats trade this young man.

And according to Ian Rapoport, the Patriots would like to get a second round pick for Mallett. While there are many teams out there that need a QB, I'm not sure Mallett is going to get enough attention to warrent a second round pick. When he has played, Mallett hasn't really impressed with a career stat line of 17 yards and a pick (regular season stats). Probably not worth a second if you ask me.

That being said, Mallett was recently in Houston...

I wouldn't mind Houston's second round pick.

- Pete Rogers

Peter Rogers 2/20/2014 04:05:00 PM Edit

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