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Obviously the Super Bowl has come and past and we all know that the Broncos' offense was completely destroyed by the Seahawks defense. But it seems like Richard Sherman had even more motivation going into that game than was initially thought.

Deion Sanders asked Wes Welker a few days before the Super Bowl if he would like to go one-on-one with Sherman in the slot:
“Yeah, any time, man. I want anybody one-on-one in the slot. Any time.”

Well, I guess Sherman found this disrespectful, replying with:
“Don’t you ever say you want one-on-one with us. Don’t you ever say that!”

Don't you think you are slightly overreacting Sherman? It seems to me that Wes was just answering the question. Like "Yea totally, that would be a great matchup, bring it on." There didn't seem to be any attempt to bad mouth you or the Seahawks defense. Maybe it's time to calm down a little bit. Or not. You did just win a Super Bowl.

- Pete Rogers

Peter Rogers 2/11/2014 05:37:00 PM Edit

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