Andre Carter, who has had two stints with the Patriots, the first in 2011 and then again last season, sat down with NFL.com's John Keim and talked about what it means to be a Patriot.
"Being with New England gives you a different perspective, especially this year. We had a lot of major injuries and a lot of key guys out. We could have turned it in early. But Bill [Belichick] kept us humble and hungry. He took guys not as talented as the other players who were out, but they worked their butts off."
An underlying factor of why the Patriots remain consistently  good, year in year out, is the consistency of its coaching staff, and Carter talked about just that.
"When I got there in 2011, one coach had worked there 10 years. Another had been there 12 years. Another guy learning to be an offensive line coach had been there for three or four years. The staff was such a tight-knit group and they worked together. It's tough when you don't have consistency in coaches. The philosophy and style changes. The play-calling changes. The scheme changes. It's like starting over."
 Andre Carter looks to continue his second go-around with the team in 2014. He is 34-years-old and needs to stay healthy through training camp to make the team. He provides good depth for the defensive line and actually holds the franchise record for sacks in a game(4).


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