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Alfonzo Dennard is now a free man after serving the minimum 35 day jail sentence at the Lancaster County Adult Correctional Facility in Nebraska. Dennard was placed in a minimum security section of the Prison, with no complete lockdown cells. He was described as a "Model Inmate" according to the Boston Herald.

The jail time came as a provision for a probation violation, and not for the other charges he was facing before.

Mike Thurber, who is the director at the correctional facility stated that: "Unremarkable, did nothing, didn’t cause any problems with us. All we would look at is his behavior, his presenting charges, maybe his background and if there’s any other type of criminal issue that might make it a difficulty dealing with other inmates, and then an interview with him on what the expectations he would be living up to while in jail"

Dennard's first arrest came in April of 2012 when he was found guilty of assaulting a police officer in Lincoln Nebraska. He was then arrested for suspicion of DUI, which is a violation of his probation, thus thirty-eight days were added onto his sentence.

His early release comes from good behavior, Mike Thurber says that any day when an inmate does not violate the rules, they are given good time and that time is counted towards the inmates release, just as bad time or infractions count against it.

Now that he has been released, this should not affect Dennard's actions with the Patriots, as long as he can stay out of jail.

- Joshua Powers

Joshua Powers 4/14/2014 05:23:00 PM Edit

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