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Devin McCourty has a lot to like about this defense heading into next season. Hell, we all have a lot to like! The Patriots were able to keep Wilfork around and added the Browner monster and Revis Island to their secondary.

McCourty seemed pretty stoked to play with Revis and Browner and get back to playing football while working at The Greater Boston Food Bank:
"Playing back there in the secondary, when you have a good group of guys, a guy like Revis, a guy like Browner, with Zo [Alfonzo Dennard] going into his third year, Logan coming back off a good rookie season, it’ll be exciting. When you have a good core group of guys all playing together, it brings out the best in everyone out there.

"Hopefully with Revis coming here, I can help him out with how I play, and he’ll definitely help me out with how he plays. He’s been a great player in this league for a couple years now, so he’s going to come in and do what he’s done in the NFL so far. It’s an exciting time, but I think the focus is we have to put in the work to be able to play at a high level to go out there and win games and win big games."

GOD IS IT FOOTBALL SEASON YET!!?? I want to see this defense play so badly! UGH, guess I'll have to settle for watching every single other Boston sport team right now.

- Pete Rogers

Peter Rogers 4/04/2014 01:06:00 PM Edit

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