Rob Gronkowsi has proven to be one of the pivotal pieces in the puzzle that is the Patriots offense. Unfortunately, that puzzle has involved an abundance of moving pieces. Though Gronkowski's place on the roster has been one of the few mainstays for the Pats, multiple injuries have hindered his time on the field. With Gronk's health status consistently inconsistent, the thought of him returning to peak form becomes increasingly daunting. What may be hard to imagine (considering the amount of previous set backs he has faced in the past) is that Gronk is currently on pace for a healthy recovery from ACL surgery.
“It’s coming along good. Just rehabbing every day,” Gronkowski said to the media. “Just improving every single week. That’s all I can ask for.” 

While OTA's have begun for the Patriots, Gronk was not present. He went on to explain to the media that he is taking part in his own workouts in an attempt to help the healing process for his knee. While Gronkowski became famous for catching touchdowns, he has found himself infamous for catching a series of bad-breaks. It would be a nice gesture for the football gods to aid Rob Gronkowski's injury recovery by continuing to steer him away from any pesky set-backs.

Anthony Aidonidis

Anthony Aidonidis 5/28/2014 04:06:00 PM Edit

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