Richard Sherman is good buddies with his former teammate Brandon Browner.

And so now, it seems, he's a slight Patriots fan since Browner signed with New England this off-season.

The league's self proclaimed number 1 corner and new Madden coverboy, Sherman was the first one to congratulate Browner for signing with New England on twitter. With both Browner and Darrelle Revis in Foxborough, he is very impressed with what he sees.

Boston Herald:
"Man, I think they improved tremendously," Sherman said. "They knew what they wanted to do and went out and got the best players available, and some of the best players in the football league to do what they need them to do. I think they’re going to have specific roles for each one of them, specific role for Darrelle and specific role for Brandon that is going to allow their talent to shine. I think they’ll definitely be a top 2, top-3 secondary in football."

Of course, we can consider Sherman the resident expert on what it takes to have a great secondary in this league. His Seahawks just won the Super Bowl by absolutely dominating the best offense in NFL history - the Denver Broncos.

Knowing full well the Patriots will have to contend with the Broncos to get through the AFC, Sherman thought the Patriots strategy in bringing in a player like Browner made a lot of sense.

“I do think that was a huge part of it because (the Patriots) know Denver’s receivers gave them problems with physicality a lot of times,” Sherman said. “Especially once Aqib (Talib) went out, they had trouble stopping them, and it’s a game of wills. The Broncos were able to impose their physicality on them, and I think Brandon will negate all of that, and have a countering effect, impose his will and play a tougher game.”

Sherman goes on to say that he thinks Browner could even take over as the number 1 corner in New England if Revis ends up only being a one year rental, as many expect him to be.

Training camp is just over a month away, and I know Patriots fans are excited to see what this new revamped secondary will be able to do.

Michael Saver 6/16/2014 11:04:00 AM Edit

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