It has been quite a while since Aaron Hernandez has heard any good news. He is currently awaiting trial for not one, not two, but three murders. However last week the former Patriots tight end's legal team scored a minor victory when a judge did not object to the request he be moved to a jail closer to his lawyers in Boston.

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Hernandez's legal team requested the move mainly so he could be closer to his lawyers, but also claimed he had been mistreated by officers at the Bristol county facility he has been at since his being charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd. The judge did not address these claims but approved the relocation.

It has not been determined yet which facility Hernandez will be moved to. He is currently set to go to trial for his alleged murder of Odin Lloyd this fall, however there is speculation that date could be pushed back.


Liam Cunningham 7/08/2014 09:16:00 PM Edit

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