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Brandon Spikes, who in the past has equated his accumulation of millions of dollars to slavery, decided to open up his yap again as reported by Ryan Talbot in this tweet:

Now, while Spikes was complimenting the Bills fans (who are notoriously loyal), it was also clearly a not-so-veiled shot at the fans of the Pats. Interesting, because the Pats sell out every game, fill up every training camp session, and get a bigger local market share than the Bills do annually. I'll never be that person who says one fan base is better than another, because every base has fans ranging from great to terrible. At the end of the day it's just in really poor taste, which is no surprise for Spikes. While he may be talking like his time in New England was miserable, he can't seem to get the Patriots off his mind.

Now, before Bills Mafia shells me with hate, he may very well enjoy the atmosphere in Buffalo more. To each their own, but plenty of players have said how much they enjoy a new team without trying to slight their old one. It does seem like sour grapes from a player who never lived up to his full potential in a Patriots uniform.

But hey, maybe I should yield to Spikes' experience on the fan topic, as missing 13 of 64 (20.3%) regular season games gave him plenty of chances to watch along with the fans here in New England.

Games missed stats taken from ESPN

-Bill Stiles

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