Although many believe that Danny Amendola is a lock to make the roster, I say pump the brakes on the Amendola train. Amendola was brought in to replace Welker, but was out played by Julian Edelman. If he does not show the spark and health that we want to see then he may be cut from the 53 man roster.

He has the ability to be a 100 reception receiver, nobody is questioning that. But I am questioning his health and his ability to be consistent. In the 2013 season only twice did he record double digit catches, and even more concerning is the fact that he only received double digit targets twice. So I can't help but question his relationship with Brady. Does Brady trust him? If he doesn't then Amendola will never be a force in New England.

Everyone is quick to jump at Amendola for his health, but he played in 12 games last season. Not bad for an injury prone receiver. But he only tallied double digit catches twice? How? He is supposed to be a more explosive, and just a flat out better receiver then Edelman. The one difference is the trust, Brady trusts Edelman which is why Edelman had a break out season for the Patriots.

Amendola was non existent for the Patriots in the playoffs, totaling just 3 receptions. While Edelman was able to rack up 16 receptions. Yes Amendola is a good receiver and has potential, but how many slot receivers do we need? And if Amendola doesn't show trust from Brady and explosiveness in training camp then he could be surprise cut late in training camp.

He needs to show solid route running, durability, reliability, and trust from Brady. If he can show all of us these things then he will make the team and has the possibility to have an Edelman like season.

He needs to have a big training camp, he is by no means a sure fire lock to make this team.

Written by Andrew Ludwig
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Andrew Ludwig 7/19/2014 07:49:00 AM Edit

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