As some players soak up their last few days of 'freedom' before beginning the long grind of an NFL season, former Patriot and current Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker decided to do something different. Family vacation? Nahhh. Vegas? Johnny Football already burned it down. Quiet day at the beach? BORING.

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Welker decided to take a joy ride in an F-16 with the Air Force Thunderbirds at the Cheyenne Regional Airport. Adrenaline junkies everywhere I'm sure can only envy the experience that the wide receiver was presented with from the Air Force's official demonstration team. The thrill ride was jam packed with speed, scenery and sharp turns. After the flight, Welker held his composure despite the fact that he almost puked:
“Trust me, there were times where I wanted to pull the bag out but I held strong and was able to get through it,” Welker said.“We (football players) definitely do a lot of training, but the amount of training that they go through and what they do to learn all this stuff is pretty amazing. It’s definitely a true skill,” he said. “I’m just glad I got to see it first hand.”

The wide receiver is definitely a lover of thrills like this considering he's made a living from running across the middle of the field only to get his head knocked off time after time. I'm sure plenty of NFL players are perfectly content with relaxing during their finals days of break but hey, why not go on a 'roller coaster on steroids' like #83? Keep doing you Wes, keep doing you.

Anthony Aidonidis

Anthony Aidonidis 7/23/2014 06:41:00 PM Edit

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