Last season, the Patriots faithful were fairly excited by the addition of Isaac Sopoaga from the Eagles. The price tag of swapping a 5th rounder for the Eagles' 6th rounder seemed low, and the ceiling seemed quite high. A year later, I don't think anybody would claim that trade as a victory, but there may be hope to recoup some of the salary cap losses from cutting ties with the player:

Now this may not seem like significant news, but it does allow for some flexibility after the 53 is finalized. They could sign one of the skilled tight ends people mention almost daily and use that million to help, they could assume he'll make the team and feel more comfortable extending Devin McCourty ahead of the season, or it could allow them to hit the trade market a bit in season as they have in recent years with players like Sopoaga and Aqib Talib.

Sopoaga will certainly be a strong contender to make the roster in Arizona, and move the Pats salary cap space up in turn, which will be his biggest contribution. What the Patriots do with that is anybody's guess, but more flexibility is something Bill Belichick loves in any aspect of team management.

Who's one player you think the Patriots could target? Do you think a million more in cap space changes anything for the team? Comment below or get in touch on Twitter @TheFib0624

--Bill Stiles

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