In tonight's preseason game we can't be sure how much run the starters will receive. What we can be sure of is that cuts are coming, and there are players fighting for their jobs. Let's take a look at three such players:

Josh Boyce

Boyce was a lock last season before injuries, as he added to the return game and the slot receiving core. Now with players like James White and Roy Finch seeing action in the return game, there's little that Boyce can contribute. The team is in need of receivers, which may save Boyce's job, but he is in no way secure. He needs to show some flashes or face free agency.

Ryan Mallett

As I mentioned on Twitter this week, I'm taking Mallett off of tomorrow's roster projection. Since I was accused of being quick to judge, let's paint a picture. Mallett looked lost on the field, and most importantly held the ball far too long before throwing. From a fourth year player in a contract year, that's not what you want to see. It's gone from hoping to make a big acquisition using Mallett, to now wondering if his roster spot is better used for depth at other spots. Ultimately, you can cut him and sign a veteran QB after placing any players from the 53 man on the IR. It's not a matter of Jimmy Garoppolo being a better backup than Mallett, it's that better options could walk through the door.

Patrick Chung

Color me shocked, as I thought Chung would be among the easiest cuts on the roster. He has shown physicality and an ability to take strong lines towards the ball, which is exactly what you want beside Devin McCourty. I'm not saying I'm ready to put him on the roster, but I just might be based on what I see tonight. I wouldn't be shocked at all to see him get the start at safety alongside McCourty. Chung still may need to prove valuable on special teams also, but he is much closer to the roster than I ever expected.

All and all, there's probably a dozen players who could determine their fate tonight, but these three may be playing the biggest games of their respective careers tonight.

Who else is there to watch tonight? Comment below or let's chat @TheFib0624

--Bill Stiles

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