The Ray Rice elevator situation may have just hit a new level of ridiculousness.

Apparently, the NFL didn't watch the footage that has basically circulated all over TV and the Internet because authorities never gave it to them.

Is this a joke? Someone couldn't have just gone on to YouTube and watched it there? It's really not that hard to do. My mother is the most computer-illiterate person I know and even she can get on to YouTube.

This is really making the NFL look bad. It's bad enough Rice was only suspended two games (I think it should have been four or five), and now this. It almost feels like the powers that be just don't care about this as much as they let on, which didn't seem to be too much as it was. Two games really isn't all that telling.

I'll leave my personal feelings about domestic violence out of this, but this really puts a bad taste in my mouth.

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Jesse Gaunce 8/06/2014 07:42:00 PM Edit

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