Are the Denver Broncos the best team in the NFL?

Peyton Manning celebrates TD pass 509, via
I didn't want to buy into the Denver Broncos. I don't like buying into teams that go all in for one season like they're doing this year. They're a tough team to deny this year.

Denver's defense is very good, ranking seventh in the league based on points against.

The scariest part of Denver is obviously the offense. Peyton Manning is surgical right now, and has three pro bowl caliber receivers in Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, and tight end Julius Thomas. It'd be scary to have any quarterback throwing to those guys, let alone Peyton Manning. Even the best defenses have a hard time matching up against them. They are ranked number one in terms of points for.

To answer whether or not Denver is the best team in the NFL right now, they are. Dallas is a close second, but right now it's hard to imagine any team beating the Broncos.

Things change week to week, and at the end of the regular season I don't believe they will be the best team in the NFL. It's tough to stay at the level Peyton is playing at, and injuries are also a part of the game. I'm not trying to be a homer either, because I don't believe the Patriots will be the best team in the NFL either (As a Patriots fan, I do believe they'll win the Super Bowl). Denver will likely peak in the next few weeks and then tail off.

I've never believed amassing the most talent makes the best team, but Denver could very well disprove that notion. They might end up with the best team, but let's keep in mind we're about halfway through the season, it's still too soon to say for sure. The only thing I do know for sure is that the NFL has my mind in a pretzel this year. It's been very tough to gauge.

-Brian Thibodeau

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