Bill Belichick goes on long rant ripping into meteorologists, then goes on Mike & Mike and calls them morons

Bill Belichick was on fire today.

The Patriots coach is normally known for his grouchy demeanor and short answers to the media. Today he took it to a level of crankiness I've only seen from my 87 year old jewish grandpa.

The results were great.

Good one Bill.

If you liked that little bit, wait till you hear the Patriots coach go on a long, unprovoked tirade about his hate for weathermen and the shitty job they do.

Fair point Bill. So, about that Bro-

Right, and so Den-

Sure, that does tend to happen. Anyway, Peyto--

Certainly, but..

Well, who can argue with that? Here's the full transcript of his rant.

via WEEI:
“When you play in New England, you’ve got to be ready for everything,” Belichick began. “I’d say based on the forecasts we’ve gotten so far this year, none of them were even very close to what the game conditions were.”

But Belichick was only getting started. He recalled the Thursday night game against the Jets, when the forecast called for monsoon-like rain throughout the contest.

“There was a 100 percent chance of rain last week and the only water I saw was on the Gatorade table,” he quipped. “It is what it is. It could start one way and change during the game so we’ve got to be ready for whatever it is. My experience of going with the forecasts in this area two days before the game, I’d bet a lot they’re wrong, just based on history, because they’re almost always wrong. An hour before the game, maybe you might have something to work with there. If you start game-planning for what the weather is going to be, and you’re wrong, you’ve wasted a lot of time.”

But he wasn’t just ripping New England weather casters.

“When you walk out on the field,” Belichick said. “That’s really when you know what it is. The rest of it is just a bunch of hot air. We played down in Miami two years ago and there was a zero percent chance of rain, zero, and it rained. I’m just telling you. If I did my job way they did theirs, I’d be here about a week.”


“I’m not saying I could do it better than them,” Belichick said. “I’m just saying they’re wrong a lot. That’s a fact. They’re wrong a lot. We all make mistakes. I’m not being critical of them. I’m just saying I don’t think you can go based on [forecast].”

As for the Foxboro forecast for Sunday from, there’s a 50 percent chance of rain, with strong winds out of the north, northwest gusting at 22 MPH. Temperatures will start in the mid-40s and drop into the upper 20s, with rain possibly turning to wet snow by the end of the game.

Belichick won’t believe it till he sees it.

“When you walk out on the field, that’s really when you know what it is,” Belichick said. “An hour before the game and see what you have. Go out there in pre-game warmups, an hour and a half before the game in pre-game warmups, then a half-hour before the game and see if there’s been any change. I don’t think we’re going to see anything we haven’t practiced in. We’ve dealt with it in practice, we’ve dealt with it in other games though the course of time. Whatever it is, it is. We’ve played in hot weather, cold weather, calm, wind, rain, snow.”

“It’s something you do more game day,” Belichick said. “What it could be and what it is are usually two different things.”

Bill topped it all of by going on ESPN's Mike & Mike and dropped this gem.