ESPN on potential Tom Brady trade

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Did the headline give you a heart attack? Now that I have your attention, take a few deep breaths Patriot fans. R-E-L-A-X. Tom Brady has not been traded... FOR NOW.

It makes you wonder how much longer we can expect to see Brady in a Patriots uniform? As an organization, the Patriots are always evaluating "value". Many Brady haters would say that his value has taken a hit this season. If you are Bob Kraft & Bill Belichick, when do you start fielding phone calls for potential Brady suitors? Is Jimmy Garoppolo the heir apparent or just an Aladdin look-a-like?

Many NFL superstar QBs were chased out of town to make room for the next big thing. Green Bay did it with Favre/Rodgers, San Francisco had Montana/Young, and Indianapolis with Manning/Luck. So why not Brady?

Jim Basquil and Mark Schlereth from ESPN discuss a hypothetical trade proposal of Brady to the Texans.

While this scenario is highly unlikely, you can't help but ponder what you can get in return for Brady. The Patriots faithful would love to keep Brady forever but we must be prepared for life without Brady becoming a reality.

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