Hightower and Stork stay on the field

AP/Steve Senne

When breaking down the amount of snaps each player took last Sunday an interesting take away is that rookie center Bryan Stork and linebacker Dont'a Hightower were both on the field 100% of the time.

It is understandable why Hightower was on the field due to him filling the signal calling role for the injured Jerod Mayo. What is more interesting is why Stork was on the field. Perhaps it was to have him more acquainted with the role or that they felt that out of all of their options Stork was the best fit. Stork had recently returned after he suffered a concussion that forced him out for several weeks earlier in the season.

During the beating that was Sunday's game Hightower accumalated 4 tackles, 6 assists, and took a part of a sack. Stork and the rest of the offensive line performed well allowing Brady to have a passer rating of 148.4 and throw 5 touchdowns.

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