Patriots face a tough upcoming schedule

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Looking into the future is something that the Patriots organization just doesn't do. The team always focuses on the task that is in front of them. At times I wish that the media and fans would have the Patriots laser focus and not be consumed by down the road events. Although the team is preparing for the Chicago Bears, you can't help but wonder how the Patriots will respond to a rather difficult part of their schedule.

Over the next six games, the Patriots will face teams with a combined record of 28-13. Starting with the Chicago Bears (3-4), the next opponents include the Broncos(5-1), Colts(5-2), Lions(5-2), Packers(5-2), and round up this schedule o'death with the Chargers(5-2).

Each team presents its own set of problems for the New England Patriots.

Chicago Bears

  • Mobile quarterback with a big arm
  • Tall receivers that can make big plays
  • Dual threat running back that can rush and catch
Denver Broncos
  • One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time
  • Best receiving group in the NFL
  • Two former Patriots that know us very well
  • Strong candidate to head to the Super Bowl
Indianapolis Colts
  • Young QB that plays like a 10 year veteran
  • Solid running back tandem
  • Defense that is gaining confidence after shutting out Cincinatti
  • Two tight end threat
Detroit Lions
  • Another mobile quarterback with a cannon
  • Barring any injuries, they will have the league's best wide receiver back in their lineup
  • Great backfield that has speed and power
  • One of the league's best defenses
Green Bay Packers
  • Phenomenal quarterback that can throw or beat you with his legs
  • Speedy receivers that can cause headaches for any secondary
  • Punishing running back that will fight for yardage
  • Defense that is pulling things together after frustrating Carolina
San Diego Chargers
  • Potential MVP candidate at quarterback
  • Shifty, yet powerful running back
  • Hall of fame tight end that will test your coverage and is a beast in the red zone
  • Mixture of receivers with height and speed

Ouch! This schedule is going to test the Patriots for sure. However, I predict that the Patriots will beat Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, and San Diego. Improving their record to 9-4. Even if the Pats win three out of six, they are still sitting pretty in their division. After this schedule storm, the Pats are left with three division games against the Dolphins, Jets, and Bills. Three division games that could potentially play a role in who wins the division.

But forget I said anything and let's focus on Chicago!

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