Brady and Edelman bromance

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It is always the quarterback's responsibility to build a relationship with their broffensive teammates. Over the years, Tom Brady has never been bashful about supporting his teammates.

During week 9's spanking of the Broncos, Brady was mic'd up and we all witnessed the revival of his bromance with wide receiver, Julian Edelman.

Prior to sharing a broment with his quarterback, Edelman returned a punt for a 84-yard touchdown. Brady, excited for his broseph, decided to run out from the sidelines to join in the celebration.

Image courtesy of Fansided

The team at Patriots Life was able to locate a text conversation between Tom Brady & Julian Edelman. Ok, I lied. This conversation is totally fake. However, I bet this is how Brady and Edelman text one another though!

If the Patriots keep winning as a result of this bromance, I am all for it. Let's just hope that Edelman isn't the jealous type as other players compete for Brady's affection. Imagine just a full bro-out with the whole Brady Bunch? That would be something to see! I just wouldn't want to be the one to tell Gisele. #JustSayin

Shout out to David Kim for the Edelman/Brady YouTube video.

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