Harrison tackles Raiola hit

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Earlier today former Patriot and current NBC Sports NFL analyst Rodney Harrison went off on Detroit Lions player center Dominic Raiola for unnecessarily going low at Zach Moore when the game was essentially over. During his appearance on Middays with MFB Harrison stated:

I think it could have got somebody hurt and I think in a situation like that you have other concerns. He should be concerned with Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, that offense and them not being able to move the ball and put up points. I was very disappointed in what he did — a veteran player should know better than that. You have an opportunity to play 60 minutes, shut up and play 60 minutes. You got your butt kicked flat out and getting your butt kicked each week. Do something about it, don’t try and cheap shot somebody and take somebody’s knees out. There’s no place for that.

Some may find Harrison's criticism to be somewhat hypocritical. In 2008 eleven out of 18 coaches claimed that Rodney Harrison was one of the the dirtiest player in the league. When Harrison announced his retirement in 2009 he addressed his reputation as a dirty player stating:

People have called me a dirty player. I’m a very passionate player... I also understand that this is not volleyball. This is a very violent, physical game, and if you hit someone in the mouth, they’re not going to be your friend. That’s what the game of football is.

Since leaving the game Harrison has been known to admonish dirty hits in the game. He claims to have been suffering the effects of the concussions like sensitivity to the light and headaches because of the hard hits he made during his tenure in the NFL. As an analyst he has advocated larger fines and suspensions because in his opinion:

Fines are a cost of doing business.. but when a guy loses a game check and isn’t available for his team, that hurts.

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