Packers hold on to win tight game, Patriots 21 Packers 26

AP/Mike Roemer

In the first half of the game the Patriots struggled to contain Eddie Lacy in the first drive allowing the Packers to march down the field. Green Bay had to settle for field goals the first few trips to the red zone but Rodgers was able to throw to tight end Rodgers. The Packers ended the half with a long touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson. Revis was on the coverage for the Nelson touchdown and McCourty took a poor angle allowing the score.

The Patriots offense struggled in the first half, reaching mid field on multiple occasions but constantly being short by a yard. They were able to put up 14 points with a Lafell catch and Bolden zig zagging his way into the red zone.

In the second half the Pats offense stalled and the Packers went down the field only to miss a field goal. Green Bay didn't punt until the third quarter. The Patriots offense began the fourth quarter with several big runs by Blount and an amazing back shoulder touchdown pass to Lafell.

The Packers came back to kick yet another field goal after a drop by Davante Adams that would have been a touchdown. On the next drive the Patriots went for it on fourth down and Brady hit Edelman for the first down. Gronk was unable to haul what would have been an amazing touchdown catch and after a big sack the Patriots were forced to kick a field goal that Gostkowski missed.

The Packers only needed one first down to end the game and they accomplished that.

The final score was New England 21 Green Bay 26.

Key Stats: Brady was 22 of 35 with 245 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Rodgers was 23 of 37 with 361 yards and two touchdowns. Lacy had 98 yards on the ground and Davante Adams had 6 receptions for 121 yards. Gronkowski had 7 receptions for 98 yards and Blount had 10 carries for 58 yards.

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