Pat Chung 2.0 is much more than expected

Patrick Chung defends Wes Welker, via Boston Globe
When was the last time a Patriots fan could say that Patrick Chung defended a pass? When was the last time a Patriots fan could say Chung defended twp passes?

How about three?

That's how many passes Patrick Chung defended against the Denver Broncos, who have one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time throwing the football in Peyton Manning.

That's no joke.

Chung's second go around with the Patriots was met with some criticism. Some didn't expect him to make the roster, let alone secure a starting job. And not only start, but start and perform well.

When he was last with the Patriots in 2012, he was known for making questionable decisions and not being able to defend the pass to save his life. That still isn't his strong point, but this Chung isn't a liability. He's actually an asset.

Chung is a physical presence, who plays his best when jumping up against the run. He compliments Devin McCourty perfectly, who is arguably the fastest player on the roster. McCourty defends the pass well because he can cover a ton of ground, not let anyone behind him, and has coverage skills since he was a cornerback for part of his career. McCourty and Chung are different types of players, and that's what makes them work so well together.

Pass coverage was the only thing holding Chung back, and he's clearly improved on that, leaving Bill Belichick and Patriots fans very happy. Hopefully he continues to improve and be an integral part of one of the best secondaries in football.

What are your thoughts on Patrick Chung's play this year?

All stats via PFF

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