Ring Envy: What Lions fans said

Our popular Ring Envy series is a spinoff of the "Green Envy" series we run at CelticsLife. We lay out comments from the opposing team's fans during the game after a Patriots win!

This week we take a peek inside the Detroit Lions fan base.

Top 3:

Smoked by Blount.

Didn't we used to have Calvin Johnson?

How in hell does Revis end up covering Ebron on that play? Are they intercepting our play calls radioed into Stafford? (J/K - but that's weird isn't it?)

Best of the Rest:

I have no expectations that they can somehow pull this off. I just hope they don't embarrass themselves.

Reggie bust is out today who cares he's garbage.

Most of Fox picks Satan as a lock over the Lions.

This is game over no way we can come out of this.

NE knows they can't run and so they pass. Detroit stubbornly tries to establish the run and sets up 2nd and 3 rd and long.

Okay, who has hope that the Lions are going to score more than 14 points? Show of hands.

Lions actually have more OF yards than Satan....keep pounding the rock....

Refs are totally fucking over the Patriots. There's no way they can POSSIBLY beat the Lions and the refs. It's impossible.

I love how the patriots don't even worry about "establishing the run game"

When we drop two touchdown passes - it's likely to be a long day.

This #1 defense isn't looking very #1 right now.

I think they've quit. That entire drive just screamed, "We give up."

Caldwell lets the clock run down to 2 min. Run up the white flag.

nice aggressive clock management there. Watch Prater miss a fg to end the half

Caldwell waiving the white flag already? Lol, **** this guy.

The Pats made Denver look silly in NE as well. I don't think anyone expected a win on the road.

Patriots know how to go for the kill.

Superbowl? Lmao

If losing to the Patriots on the road means you're exposed, pretty much the entire NFL is terrible.

Interesting. Pats don't leave the middle of the field open, Lions leave a hole you can run a Gronk through.

Brady has more completions than Stafford has attempts:

Given Lion's history, what exactly would lead one to believe they will win three straight after this game?

Revis is consistently the best cover man

The lions are a joke again

I honestly think that the offense is so simple that the Patriots are reading it like a book. They know EXACTLY where the ball is going every single time in every situation. It's the only reason I can think of why Revis is EVERYWHERE the ball is.

The Lion offense offends me.

I have to agree that Stafford is not the problem here. I think our offense got schooled schematically. Lombardi got smoked.

Lost count of the amount of fantastic downfield throws Stafford has made for 0 yards.

THIS is the difference between New England and Detroit. You don't see the constant miscommunication with the Patriots. We've seen at least four throws today where Stafford and whoever he's throwing to weren't running the same play.

Got Prater in my FF league, keep sending him out there.


Welcome to Clownville...the 2014 Lions offense.

We just need WR's......

And RB's......

And CB.......

awww hell. See 2013

Green Bay is next to be exposed. I wouldn't be surprised if NE scores 50 on their defense.

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