The Patriots sent a message to the NFL according to Tedy Bruschi

Steven Senne, AP

Former Patriots linebacker and current ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi knows a little something about sending a message. During his NFL career he was known for his hard hitting style, setting the tone for those championship defenses. So when he says the Patriots sent a message Sunday night against the Colts, people tend to listen.


A lot of times in football, it’s about sending messages,” Bruschi said. “The message the New England Patriots sent on prime-time TV Sunday night, to the entire league, is: ‘We’re not a bunch of pretty boys. You better buckle up when you play us because we will push you when you’re down and pick you up and throw you into a TV camera on national TV."

After a slow start to the season, the Patriots have beaten the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts in back to back games. The victory over the Colts was particularly impressive. The Patriots went on the road and rushed for 244 yards and 4 touchdowns in route to a 22 point victory.

In beating two of the top teams in the AFC, the Patriots have become Super Bowl favorites and changed the minds of many who doubted them. Including Bruschi.

I can count the number of times, over the last six years, that I’ve picked against the Patriots on one hand,” Bruschi said. “I did feel there was a possibility for trouble in this game. Brady struggled but was picked up by his team. I think I overestimated Andrew Luck and overestimated the overall fight of the Colts. After two tough losses to the Patriots in Foxboro, I thought the Colts would come out swinging. Boy, was I wrong."

From here on out its doubtful that too many people will continue to pick against the Patriots.

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