The RG3 era in DC may be at an end

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After nearly giving up the farm to acquire the second overall selection in the 2012 NFL draft Washington thought they finally found a franchise quarterback. After his rookie year their faith in the former Baylor Bear seemed to have been justified. Griffin led Washington to the playoffs and their first division title in the 21st century.

However, Griffin was injured during the game and appeared to play through it. It was later revealed that Griffin suffered a torn lateral collateral ligament and head coach Mike Shanahan was criticized for not pulling Griffin earlier in the game. Griffin was never the same explosive player after that injury.

Griffin was benched late last season in order to prevent Griffin from being re-injured. When asked about this decision then coach Shanahan stated:

The one thing I thought was most important to this organization — and that’s one of the reasons why I talked about it with Dan because I thought it was very important to include him — that, ‘Hey, this is your guy of the future. What do you want to do? What’s important for us making the right decision? And it’s easy to say after somebody gets hurt, ‘We should have took him out.’ And I didn’t want to put our organization in that type of situation.

Earlier this year Griffin once again suffered a serious injury dislocating his ankle in Washington's blowout win against Jacksonville. Several weeks ago Griffin returned to the field but it was anything but triumphant. His numbers for the 2014 are paltry with 869 passing yards, 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. His performance has continuously declined since his impressive rookie season. His quarterback rating was 73.2 in 2012, 40.1 in 2013, and 26.7 in 2014.

After Griffin's last injury I wrote about how Griffin may be the biggest draft bust of all time if he didn't bounce back. Unfortunately I believe that prediction may come into fruition. His future in Washington has probably come to an end with head coach Gruden benching Griffin for Colt McCoy. Griffin's career is unlikely to continue in Washington next year due to his fifth year option that would cost Washington $16 million.

If Griffin's tenure in Washington is over where will the Heisman winner end up? Let us know where you think Robert Griffin will end up next season in the comments section below!

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