Tom Brady cites preparation as key in victory over Broncos

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The Denver Broncos came into town as a 3.5 point favorite over the home team. They left with a loss of 22 points. Just how did the Patriots dismantle the favorite? Was it luck? Help from the Refs? Divine intervention perhaps?

According to quarterback Tom Brady it was the preparation in the week leading up to the game that was the deciding factor in lopsided win.

Boston Herald

When you play one of the best teams in the league, I think there’s a sense of urgency that’s created by that," Brady said. "Everything can cost you the game, in practice, in the week of preparation, the meetings. There’s such a heightened sense of really accountability. You’re playing a team that can score on defense, they can score on offense, they can (score) in the 40s and 50s in points. You’ve just got to do as well as you possibly can all week, and then you go out there and you see where you’re at.

“They’re a very good football team. They didn’t play their best yesterday, obviously. I don’t think we played our best, either. But it was a great win for our team. It was one that we really needed. When you play these games at home, you’ve really got to take advantage of it, and we really did yesterday.

The preparation really showed yesterday. Everything Denver threw at them they had an answer for. While Manning still posted his crazy stats, the big plays were limited. While the Patriots defense was able to force two turnovers and four failed fourth down attempts.

The Denver defense had no answers for a very prepared Patriots offense. While the run game struggled and the pass rush occasionally got to Brady, once the ball was in the air it was almost a guaranteed completion for a big gain.

While they won big, Brady is a perfectionist. He had a couple of things that he felt they could have done better, like hitting the deep ball.

“I think the misses down the field probably bothered me the most," Brady said of the two early overthrows to Brandon LaFell. "Especially the first one, because I had him. I knew it. I just put a little too much on it. That would have been a great one to start the game with. That would have really given us some great momentum there. I wish we could have taken advantage of that.

This team will keep working and preparing until they are perfect. And since being perfect is next to impossible, it means this team will constantly be working and won't be caught unprepared.

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