Top 5 things to do during a non-Patriots football weekend

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Brady and company will be taking a well deserved break this weekend and as Patriots fans we can rejoice that our team is atop the AFC east and are playing really good football. It also means as fans we don't get to see a Gronk spike or Belichick's stonewall face. So what is a Patriots fan to do? Here are my top 5 suggestions to fill in the void left by a Patriots bye week.

  1. Go see a movie: Some decent films are out right now and with some free time you should go catch one. I plan on seeing St. Vincent starring Bill Murray which should be funny. If you have kids there is Big Hero 6, an animated film about a child and his robot. If action is what you want try John Wick, a story about a former assassin who gets back in the industry when a several punks break into his house, steal his car, and kill his dog. Yes, I have seen that one and it is good.

  2. Watch some Gronk porn: see video below

  3. Enjoy a comedy: Doug Benson's new comedy "Dough Dynasty" is on Netflix or you really want to laugh you can catch the Jets host the Steelers and see Rex Ryan lose his shit when his defense gives up 30 points. You can also enjoy the Jets misery by watching the video below.

  4. Read a book: Why not take the afternoon to catch up on some reading instead of sticking your face in front of a screen? Personally I've been reading "A History of Westeros" and if you haven't read the Song of Fire and Ice series then you should start this weekend!

  5. Get an early start on your Christmas shopping: For big items you might want to wait until Black Friday but why not knock out the small stuff now? I recommend checking out Patriots Life store for a "Bruschi King of Defense" shirt or a "Sons of Belichick" hoodie. If you like ugly Christmas sweaters Clark Toys has a cool ugly Brady sweater you should check out.

What do you plan on doing this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below!

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