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Tom Brady does a lot of things well, we know that. One thing we also know, or in this case, used to know, was that he never really ran well.

Well, color me impressed. Dude can actually get it done with his legs from time to time.

During the Patriots 41-13 annihilation of the Miami Dolphins in the annual "Hat and T-Shirt Game," Brady, during the third quarter, broke a 17-yard run to set the Patriots up well into the red zone. The run was the third longest of his career. The kick to the play was that Brady didn't slide, which many would have expected him to do.

With the way the play developed and the excitement it gave teammates, coaches and fans alike, you almost didn't care if he slid or not. Bill Belichick didn't seem to mind.

Per Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com:
“I’ve coached for a long time and I don’t question players' decisions on the field when they try to make them to help the team win,” Belichick said Monday during a conference call.
By this point, I don't think Belichick would really ever call what Brady does into question. Or at least not something like that.

Belichick allowing his players the opportunity to do this is one of the biggest reasons New England is 11-3 and AFC East champions for the 11th time in the last 12 seasons.

“I think that they do the best that they can,” Belichick said. “They are trying to win. They are trying to win just as much as everybody else on the team is. [I’m] not saying every decision is a great one.

“It’s the same thing with a coach. I’m not saying every [coaching] decision is a great one. But every one is made with the intention to help this team win to the best that I can or an individual can for the team. So I don’t second-guess those.”

Brady, by being able to extend plays with his feet, has probably extended his playing career by a couple of years. But at the same time, this isn't something I think his supporters want to see from him too much. He isn't Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, etc.

But we'll take it.

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