Bill Belichick will pass on the butter

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Rex Ryan's tenure with the New York Jets started with the promise of butt kickings. Now, as he is on the way out, those butt kickings have turned into butt kissings.

In a conference call on Wednesday, Ryan said that Belichick was a "Hall of Fame coach". Belichick didn't buy into the gamesmanship though and downplayed the quote.


It’s a very flattering comment, but it sounds like Rex is just buttering me up," Belichick said. "I know they’re working hard, like they always do, play us very competitively. We’ve really had a hard time with them, including the last time we played them.

I told you I respect Rex, I respect the job, and I respect their team. That’s what we have to do this week is getting ready to play the New York Jets. That’s what we’re going to do. That’s what this is about, nothing else.

Belichick has no time for these games. He's focused on getting his team ready for the Jets. While the two teams have quite the opposite records, 11-3 for the Patriots and 3-11 for the Jets, its going to be a tough divisional game.

Add in the fact that this very well could be the last chance Rex has to stick it to the Patriots, possibly costing them home field advantage for the playoffs in the process, you can bet he will have his guys fired up and ready to play.

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