Bills face complicated path to the playoffs

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For the first time in years the Bills are still in the hunt for a playoff spot in December. After an unbelievable victory over the dominating Packers the Bills find themselves at 8-6. Unfortunately for them they still have the dominating Patriots on their schedule in Gillette. But let's just say the Bills have a shot against the AFC East division winners, and they beat the hapless Raiders. Who are Bills fans rooting for this weekend to give Buffalo a shot at the tournament? Let's break it down.

The Broncos, Patriots, and Colts have all punched their ticket to the playoffs. Right now everyone in the AFC North (except the Browns) would be in the playoffs if the season ended today. The Chiefs and Chargers both currently have a higher seed over the Bills. Needless to say, the boys of Orchard Park have their work cut out for them. So what upcoming games could help make the path to the playoffs easier for Buffalo?

Bills beat Raiders: Going against a two win team Buffalo should be favored over the Raiders.

Denver beat Bengals: Denver is chasing New England for the #1 seed and the Bengals are trying to hold onto a playoff spot in this Monday night matchup. The Bengals are playing at home which could give them an edge in this game.

Texans beat Ravens: This is the most unlikely outcome given that Savage is out and the Texans will turn to someone off the street to deliver a win. Does JJ Watt play QB?

San Francisco beats San Diego: In this battle of the Golden State the 49r's are looking to upset a competitive Chargers team.

Pittsburgh beats Chiefs: Big Ben will need to deliver the Bills a Christmas gift to Buffalo by overcoming a tough Chiefs defense.

The problem is, none of this matter if the Bills don't win out. They face Belichick and Brady on their turf on the last game of the season just like last year. In that matchup New England defeated the Bills 20-34. Of the last 22 games between these division rivals the Bills have just a single victory.

Back in September Bills head coach Doug Marrone said he had a playoff caliber team. Most people may have thought he was being optimistic but if things fall into place Marrone may find himself coaching a playoff team.

Do you believe the Bills have a reasonable shot at the playoffs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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