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Black Monday has come and many teams with losing records are dumping their general managers and head coaches. However there was one departure that took place mere minutes after the head coach gave a press conference in yesterday's games. It is no secret that there was a rift between Jim Harbaugh and the front office of San Francisco and within hours of yesterday's win over the Arizona Cardinals. According to both Harbaugh and the Niners organization the decision for Harbaugh to leave was mutual. Harbaugh stated yesterday:

I count up these wins.. and that's 49 wins, and that seems appropriate. That seems pretty darn good.

San Francisco has begun a search for a new coach and Harbaugh is likely heading back to his alma mater of Michigan where Harbaugh played in college. That sounds like a good idea to Michigan alumni Tom Brady.

When asked on the Dennis and Callahan Show about the possibility of Harbaugh coaching the struggling Wolverines Brady commented:

Obviously the program at Michigan — as a former player — has not been in the best of places for one reason or another. If he does go there he brings a lot of credibility and winning. He’s been a great coach in college and the pros. To have a great coach like that lead a program is awesome…. If Michigan could get that type of coach it would be incredible, especially with him knowing the history of the school and the tradition, playing there. Just to have him back as part of the school would be phenomenal.

It looks like Brady will have his wish. Earlier today ESPN reported that top boosters for the Michigan program were informed that Harbaugh will be the next head coach of the team. It is estimated that his contract could be worth $48 million over six years. If that figure is accurate, Harbaugh could be one of the highest paid coaches in the nation.

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