Chandler Jones return this week possible

Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images 
According to Mike Reiss of ESPN, the Patriots are hopeful that Chandler Jones could make a return this week against the Dolphins after he was injured back in week 7 against the Jets.

Jump for joy, Patriots fans. If Jones does come back, it's a huge plus for the Patriots defense. With him back, it makes it easier to get pressure on the quarterback (or field goal kicker every once in a while) - he had 4.5 sacks before getting injured. And we all remember the blocked field goal back in week 2 against the Minnesota Vikings. The Patriots defense has been solid as of late, especially against top teams, but Chandler Jones can give them that extra pass-rushing dimension that'll put the Patriots over the top defensively.

But this is still a big if. He is getting closer to full fitness, for sure, but at least according to Mike Reiss, it's still up in the air. Mike Reiss said that the organization thought there might have been a chance that Jones could have played against San Diego, but he wasn't quite there yet. Jones was practicing and talking to reporters, which is a good sign that a player is going to play usually, but better safe than sorry.