Could Josh McDaniels go to Florida?

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images
The Florida Gators are in the market for a new head coach after previous coach Will Muschamp was let go by the Gators. According to, Josh McDaniels, Patriots offensive coordinator, could be on the short list to replace Muschamp in the Swamp.

Football Scoop says that McDaniels is currently being vetted as a potential head coaching candidate at the University of Florida, where he would replace Will Muschamp. This is obviously just the start of a very long process, but it seems like the Gators are hoping for a little Bill O'Brien-type magic for their depleted program.

If he takes the Florida job, he'll likely be heading for a huge payday. He'd also be going to what is normally one of the biggest programs in college football, but the Gators have been struggling in the last few years and need a new start. They're 6-5, and that's been pretty close to the norm in the last 2 years for the Gators since they lost out to Louisville in the Sugar Bowl back in 2012. It remains to be seen if McDaniels could handle the pressure cooker that is the Florida Gators - his past college experience is limited to being a graduate assistant for 2 years, according to

Hard to see if McDaniels would fit it with Florida, but it would be interesting to see where this goes for him.